Arizona Tragedy

I’ve started several posts about the tragedy in Arizona, but stopped each time because, as President Obama said in his speech, there’s nothing anybody can say to ease the pain of the family and friends of those who were killed or injured. And yet I feel compelled to add my energy to all the other prayers and condolences going out to those heartbroken people, even though I know they will never read them.

The only thing I can do to bring more peace into the world is to bring more peace into myself. And while I’m not a person in danger of shooting somebody, I do get annoyed, irritated, cynical, and disgusted at my fellow humans. Those aren’t peaceful feelings, and they don’t do the world a bit of good. I’m working at trying to ask myself every time I feel one of those negative things just how important it really is. If my husband were in critical condition from a bullet shot through his brain, would I waste energy being annoyed at some woman driving while she talked on her cell phone? If my little girl had just been killed by a demented man, would I care about poor service at the supermarket?

I was particularly struck by another thing Obama said: It doesn’t matter how rich or famous or important we are, what matters is how much we love. I intend to honor those people killed in the senseless violence in Arizona by letting those I like, enjoy, cherish, and love know how much I care about them.


One thought on “Arizona Tragedy

  1. So true, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this tragic situation. On a day to day basis we forget what is truly important in life and we get caught up in the petty and negative.

    Here in Toronto a police officer was killed senselessly on Tuesday morning during a bad snowstorm. A deranged man hijacked a snow plow truck and drove recklessly through the streets of the city in the early hours of the morning. Sgt Ryan Russell, 35 years old, was the first police officer to respond to the call. The snow plow ran into him and he died from massive head injuries. He was a husband, father, son and much respected member of the police force. I’ve been thinking about his family and how awful this must be for them. Life can change so quickly, in just a moment and it’s so important to cherish the moments we have.

    The other night I was babysitting my 23 month old grandson and at his bedtime I asked him “Are you ready for bed?” He replied “No bed!” So humouring him I said “Well what do you want to do then?” He pointed to me and said “Stay with Oma.” So we cuddled for about 5 minutes until he started drifting off in my arms. That moment was more precious than words can describe and even now writing about it brings a smile to my face.

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