Cat Museum

A cat museum? I’d never thought of one, but after reading my mail today I think this country is in great need of one. Did you know that Japan, Russia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Great Britain, and the Netherlands all have cat museums? So do some other countries, but not the United States. Japan has two, both housing original Maneki Neko artwork — the Japanese cat who beckons good luck and happiness to you. I have one of those happy cats under my computer and it makes me smile every time I see it.

Other countries have collections of artwork or stage art shows about cats, but the U.S. doesn’t have a single one. Harold Sims, a fellow member of the Cat Writers Association, would like to change that. He has a vision of a cat museum, a location in mind, and some ideas he’s already working on, but he’d like input and help. If you’ve always wanted to help create something from the ground floor, or if you’ve got a bunch of cash lying around that needs a good use, you can write Harold at Catman2, P.O. Box 2344, Cullowhee, NC 287823, or email him at and offer your help. We don’t want to end up the only country in the world without a cat museum!


5 thoughts on “Cat Museum

  1. Actually there is a Cat Museum in the USA. We started up the Cat Museum of San Francisco in the Fall of 2010.

    We have been putting on exhibitions here in town while we try to establish a physical location for the museum.

    We wish Harold the best of luck in his attempt to start up his own museum.

  2. Hi! I know that this reply is a bit tardy, but I couldn’t resist spreading the news about the new cat museum in Alliance, OH. This is the new home of the Cat Fancier’s Foundation “Feline History Museum” — To open soon … Aug or Sept. ’11. I’m donating my collection of Maneki Nekos (Japanese Lucky Cats), almost 200 figurines, to the cause. I do believe that America needs a real cat museum. If you like Maneki’s, check it out … –Donald Hargrove, Memphis, TN PS: Better yet, donate another one!

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