lucky dogs…


It’s winter, and I’m holed up in my house working on the next Dixie Hemingway mystery. As a result I’m not a whole lot of fun. In fact I’m downright sedentary. I’ve got two dogs at my feet. Zoë, a four-year old pit-bull, is mine. The other, Torres, is a sweet mutt of indeterminate age, visiting for a month or so while her human is off galavanting around Egypt. Torres started out life in the wilds of a remote Costa Rican beach, but now she’s lolling around on my couch in front of a wood stove. I have a feeling she’d be much happier playing outside, but I may just be projecting. 


At any rate, every twenty minutes or so I get up and play with them. We practice our commands and play hide and seek, and as a result I’ve been going through an alarming amount of dog treats. And I can’t just give them any old treat. Give Zoë a milk-bone and she’ll gum it around in her mouth for a couple of seconds and then drop it on the floor with a recriminating look. She only likes the good stuff — the homemade organic treats that are seven or eight dollars a bag.


Thus — my first and possibly last attempt at hand-made doggie treats. 


Pumpkin carrot. 

Total budget: $3.50


 I’ll let you know what the verdict is.


One thought on “lucky dogs…

  1. John:
    Sounds like you are now a bona fide petsitter! You can write Dixie Hemingway from first-hand experience. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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