Things are just a little bit more laid back here in Florida.

I’m here this week for a radio interview with Susan Klaus and Palm Beach Peril, a panel with Andrew Gross and five debut mystery authors. After that, I’ll be in Siesta Key. If anybody’s interested in a seeing a particular spot from any of the Dixie mysteries, I take requests.


4 thoughts on “Chillaxin…

  1. I want to see the house where Dixie lives, although I realize there probably isn’t an exact house that her house was based on.

  2. I have been coming to Siesta Key for 59 years, with a previous house on Columbus Blvd, & at Horizons West condo since 1967 (age of 13)……My husband & I love reading this series. We have a house we think was the inspiration just past Point of Rocks…..can’t wait to see the picture.
    We save these books, to only read while we are at Siesta Key…….it is our special treat twice a year.

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