A super scary book giveaway…

It doesn’t come out until July, but this week I’m giving away two signed advanced reading copies of the next Dixie Hemingway Mystery, THE CAT SITTER’S NINE LIVES.

Here’s how to win one:

Today, I’m a guest on Allison Brennan’s blog, Murder She Writes. Since Allison writes thrillers, I thought I’d share the story of the first really scary movie I ever saw. Add a comment there about your first scary movie (or anything else that strikes your fancy), and I’ll randomly pick two lucky readers at the end of the week.

You can read it and leave your comment here.

Good luck and happy reading!


One thought on “A super scary book giveaway…

  1. I’m sorry I missed the giveaway, but I wanted to say “Thank You” for continuing the Dixie stories.

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