I’ve had a little multiple choice bubble up on the website for about two weeks now. You might have seen it. The question is, “If you were stranded on a tropical island, who would you want to be stranded with?” The options are all characters from the Dixie Hemingway books: Dixie (of course), Michael (her brother), Paco (Michael’s partner), Ethan (Dixie’s boyfriend, for lack of a better word) and Guidry (Dixie’s long lost love, ahem, that’s not true says Dixie).

I’ve gotten a few write-in votes for Deputy Jesse Morgan, and a solid block of votes for Ethan, which was no surprise since he is, after all, so damn hunky. On a whim, I included a line in the questionnaire where you can explain your choice, and I’m so glad because that’s given me some things to think about. Hands down, the most popular response has been Paco…

People love Paco. I’ve always known that. My mom got letters praising Paco, and I’ve gotten them too. What’s surprising is the reasons. “Paco wouldn’t lie to you.” “Paco could probably catch fish with his bare hands.” “Paco would keep me safe.” “Paco could make a gourmet meal with a coconut and a couple of snails.” And my own personal favorite, “Paco is THE MAN.”


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