Publications and Awards

RAINING CAT SITTERS AND DOGS, the fifth book in the Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series, hit bookstores January 19, and I sent out scads of emails to readers who wanted to be alerted when it came out. Along the way, however, weird things happened to my email list and to recipients’ email servers. Some mail came back as “no such person” and some came back as “no such address.” Some people got more than one email, some didn’t get any. If you didn’t get a notice, I apologize. If you got more than one, I apologize.

At any rate, the book is out, and I’m getting mail from readers saying they love it. Several people have found the ending sizzling and are already eager for the next book, which I’m working on.

In the midst of all this focus on the fifth book, my editor called to let me know the fourth book, CAT SITTER ON A HOT TIN ROOF is one of the nominees for a Mary Higgins Clark Award. The award was established by Mary Higgins Clark to honor books featuring a female protagonist who doesn’t go looking for trouble, but when it comes to her she takes it on and solves it. A strong woman, in other words, somewhat like Mary Higgins Clark herself.

Ms. Clark will present the award in April during this year’s Edgar Awards in New York. Other nominees are AWAKENING by S. J. Bolton (Minotaur Books), NEVER TELL A LIE by Hallie Ephron (HarperCollins – Wm. Morrow), LETHAL VINTAGE by Nadia Gordon (Chronicle Books), and DIAL H FOR HITCHCOCK by Susan Kandel (HarperCollins). My congratulations to them. I’m sure they feel, as I do, that being nominated is a great honor.


5 thoughts on “Publications and Awards

  1. Being one of those ‘non email recipients,’ I was off to a very late start on your newest book. Blaize, RAINING is undoubtedly your best book yet. I attempted to put it down and go to sleep last night. After two hours of tossing and turning, I quietly retrieved my mini book light (not to wake hubby) and continued reading. Needless to say, I had to sleep in this morning. My advice to others – – “Do not start reading this book if you have an appointment the next day!” I don’t know what it is about this particular cover, but two different people seeing the book in my home said, “great cover” which means I must now go pull the first four books off my shelf and see what makes this one so noticeable. Congrats on being a nominee for the MHC Award. I am certainly cheering for you.

  2. Thanks, Sandy! I’m glad Raining kept you awake. Actually, while I’ve loved writing all the stories, I think my heart was more involved in the last one. Jaz grabbed my imagination in a special way.

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